Discover Natural Health Solutions With This Amazing Tool

Every essential oil user needs to have an Essential Oils Desk Reference. This book contains life-changing information and instruction in how to use your essential oils. Published and released by Life Science Publishing, this 5th edition contains updated material and Young Living product information.

We use this book regularly- whether to find the right oil to use for a specific condition or to research the history, application, and science of essential oils.

In this 5th edition, you will learn the chemistry and scientific research of esential oils, detailed information for each essential oil and oil-infused product, the importance of nutrition, enzymes, and hormonal balance, as well as different techniques for applying oils topically and how to use oils for spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness. And most importantly, the “Personal Usage” chapter tells you how and what oils to use to treat specific health conditions.

The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is also a great tool for essential oil users. Compact and easy-to-use, this spiral-bound Pocket Reference is excellent for taking with you wherever you may go, making it available for your personal needs and to share information with others. Though it does not contain as much of the educational information as the full size Desk Reference, the Pocket Reference does have the important Personal Usage section and much more.

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Stay well this season with the gift of health! Essential oils can greatly improve your health, but you need to know how to use them- so order your Essential Oils Desk Reference today!

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