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Sing Easier With Myrtle Essential Oil

wpid-picsart_1408490666140.jpgIn a presentation on the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture, Rev. Janet Mcbride said she discovered that in the time of King Solomon’s temple, the singers would annoint their throats with myrtle. She began to annoint her throat with myrtle essential oil thirty minutes before leading worship and it helped clear her throat of mucus.

Recently, I was having difficulty singing during a band practice. I remembered Janet Mcbride’s story and I decided to apply myrtle essential oil to my throat. Within minutes I noticed how much easier it was to sing! High notes that have been hard to reach were suddenly much easier to hit. I can now tell a major difference between the times when I use the myrtle and when I don’t. It feels as though my vocal chords really loosen up… a warm-up without the work!

Now I always apply myrtle essential oil to my throat before a rehearsal or performing. It has made singing so much easier!

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myrtleMyrtle essential oil
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Oregano: “With an herbaceous, savory aroma, Oregano joins Lime, Basil, Ginger, and Rosemary as an indispensable ingredient for essential oil chefs everywhere. Not only does it lend depth to Italian recipes, but it is also an important part of the Raindrop Technique. Use it in massage and Raindrop to comfort the body and energize the mind. Oregano can also be taken internally to support normal immunity.”

Aroma Siez: “A blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, and Cypress essential oils, Aroma Siez can soothe the body and calm emotions. Another essential component of the Raindrop Technique, this unique blend is perfect for post-workout massage or to be inhaled directly at the end of a challenging day. Dilute and use Aroma Siez in massage for tired feet and tense muscles.”

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LavaDerm Cooling Mist: “A simple, all-natural formula, LavaDerm combines cooling Lavender essential oil with soothing aloe vera extract. Add this essential product to your family’s emergency kit and simply spray this comforting mist onto skin as needed.”

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Three Days Only: 15% off Progessence Plus

PPprofessionalTo help celebrate Mother’s Day, Young Living is offering a 15% off discount on their popular Progessence Plus serum!

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Masters Touch Oils at 4th Annual Central Maine Homeschool Expo

It’s that time of year again!

Masters Touch Oils will be at the 4th Annual Central Maine Homeschool Expo. We will have a booth featuring the Everyday Oils Collection, the Thieves line of products, and Progessence Plus. We are also having a workshop titled “Everyday Oils for a Happier and Healthy Home,” where we will discuss the ten essential oil singles and blends of the Everyday Oils collection and how you can use them in your daily life. If you’re interested in learning more about therapeutic-grade essential oils, then come on out to this year’s expo! We’d love to talk with you!

The Central Maine Homeschool Expo:
“Find local, family-run small businesses and their products
Get information and resources on homeschooling
Meet area homeschoolers and young entrepreneurs”

What: 4th Annual Central Maine Homeschool Expo
When: Saturday, May 1oth, 10am-4pm
Where: Bangor Banquet and Conference Center, 713 Hogan Road, Bangor, Maine 04401
Admission: FREE (but donations gladly accepted!)

Among other vendors and workshops, there will also be a petting zoo and pony rides. It’s sure to be a fun event for the whole family! We look forward to this year’s expo and hope to see you there!

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Ravintsara: “Ravintsara is an exotic essential oil with a camphor-like aroma and high eucalyptol content. Held in high regard in Madagascan folk medicine, it can be used to support an overall sense of well-being.”

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ART Day Activator: “Light, water-based, and ideal for every skin type, ART Day Activator is an advanced daily moisturizer infused with Sandalwood and Frankincense essential oils to restore the skin. This versatile moisturizer works all day long to rejuvenate skin under sunscreen, makeup, or on its own. Use 2–4 pumps daily on face and neck to give your complexion a smooth, glowing appearance.”

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Basil Essential Oil
“Basil essential oil is often used in cooking. Use it sparingly in your favorite Italian recipes to infuse them with a rich, spicy aroma. Its ability to refresh the mind and release minor muscle tension makes it an important component of the Raindrop Technique®. Incorporate Basil essential oil into Raindrop treatments, inhale directly to refresh the mind, or dilute and use in restorative massage.”

Melaleuca Alternifolia Essential Oil
“Commonly known as tea tree oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia possesses a fresh, herbaceous aroma that energizes the spirit. With its purifying and skin-loving properties, Melaleuca Alternifolia is a favorite in high-end and home spa treatments.”

A.R.T. Beauty Masque
“Suitable for even the most delicate skin, ART Beauty Masques feature soothing botanicals to promote a smooth, radiant complexion. This Mary Young-signature product contains gentle plant extracts, such as orchid and aloe, and renewing essential oils, including Lavender, Frankincense, Lime, and Copaiba. Before using, cleanse your face with ART Gentle Foaming Cleanser, then carefully apply and enjoy a soothing home spa experience while you relax and let the masque nourish and refine your skin.”

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February Promotion: FREE Idaho Blue Spruce and Copaiba

This month, you can receive a FREE 5ml Idaho Blue Spruce and 15ml Copaiba! Simply place an order of 190PV or more and you’ll receive these two special essential oils for free- a retail value of $89.15! Here’s what Young Living says about these two oils:

idahobluespruceIdaho Blue Spruce: Produced exclusively on our own St. Maries farm, Idaho Blue Spruce is one of our most popular essential oils and is a symbol of our 20-year commitment to pure, authentic essential oils. Diffuse this powerful oil to create a sense of well-being and balance, wear it as an empowering fragrance, or dilute and incorporate it into post-workout massage.

copaibaCopaiba: Unlike other essential oils, Copaiba is tapped directly from the tree rather than distilled. Used widely in Amazonian folk medicine, Copaiba offers a wealth of benefits—from supporting a healthy digestive and respiratory system to reviving a dull complexion. Take internally to support overall wellness or apply to muscles after a workout or as needed throughout your busy day.

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Essential Oil Sensitivities

The following article written by David Stewart, PhD, DNM, addresses some misunderstandings regarding essential oil sensitivities. I used to have strong reactions to all essential oils and could not wear anything without heavily diluting it, or I would get an itchy rash that would form tiny blisters and sometimes last a week. But as I have made positive and healthy changes in my life during the past few years, my sensitivity has dramatically decreased and now there are some oils I can wear without having to dilute them at all. I have concluded that my sensitivities are detox reactions from a previously unhealthy lifestyle.

If you struggle with essential oil sensitivities or have related questions, this article may help you better understand the confusing topic.


Sensitivities to Essential Oils
by David Stewart, PhD, DNM

There are a couple of ways one can be sensitive to essential oils, but an
allergic reaction is not one of them. Allergies are erroneous immune
responses to proteins, peptides, and amino acids – all nitrogen compounds,
none of which are found in essential oils.

You can have an allergic reaction to a vegetable oil such as olive, corn,
peanut, walnut, almond, etc., since these are cold pressed and can contain
small amounts of proteins. For example, occasionally a person can develop an
allergy to an oil blend such as Valor, which is sold by Young Living. The
allergy is not due to the essential oils of spruce, frankincense, rosewood,
and blue tansy in the blend. It is due to the almond oil in the blend. So
read your labels. What may appear to be an allergic reaction to a blend of
essential oils may be due to a carrier oil contained in the blend.

You can also have an allergic reaction to citrus oils which are cold pressed
from the rind. However, while we refer to citrus oils such as orange, lemon,
lime, and grapefruit as “essential oils,” strictly speaking they are not. By
definition, a true essential oil must be steam distilled, not expressed.

There are also oils extracted by solvents such as onycha, jasmine, and
neroli. Strictly speaking, they too are not true essential oils. Technically,
they should be called absolutes, not essential oils. One can have a true
allergic reaction to these because, like the citrus oils, they have not passed
through a distillation process and can contain traces of proteins, peptides, or
amino acids.

Because of the nature of distillation by heat, steam, and water, that true
essential oils must undergo, they do not contain the necessary compounds to
trigger allergies because these compounds do not pass through the distillation

Hence, sensitivities to essential oils, in the sense of allergic reactions,
are not possible. Allergic sensitivities are due to the body developing
antibodies in response to certain nitrogenous molecules. No one has ever
found antibodies in humans from essential oils. So if one has a reaction
to an essential oil, it is something else. Not an allergy.

Hot Oils

There are oils that are naturally hot, such as oregano, thyme, mountain
savory, cinnamon, cassia, and a few others. This is because of their
phenolic compound content which cleanses our cells and paves the way to
healing. Such oils can be taken internally via capsules or applied to the
skin directly with caution or diluted with a fatty oil.

If burning or irritation occurs to the skin from such oils, prompt
application of a vegetable oil layered over the essential oil will take care
of the problem in short order.

The same thing applies if you get an essential oil in your eyes or if you
swallow a hot oil, like oregano, and it burns your mouth and throat. Don’t
use water, use a vegetable oil for immediate relief. Pour it directly in the
eyes or take it orally if your mouth or throat are affected.

Detox Reactions

As for sensitivities to essential oils that produces a skin rash or other
allergic-like symptoms such as headaches or nausea, this is always a detox
reaction. While allergic reactions get worse and worse with each exposure to
the offending substance (allergen), detox reactions eventually get less and
less severe with each exposure to an essential oil until it disappears
completely once the toxins are cleared from the system.

When one has a detox reaction from an essential oil (which is a good thing),
they need to back off from using oils for a while and increase their water
intake and, perhaps, get into a cleansing routine for a month or so, going
light on the use of essential oils for a while. What is happening in this
kind of sensitivity is that the oils are detoxing too rapidly for the colon
and kidneys to handle so the toxins come out through the skin as the third
avenue for excretion. It is better to keep the rate of detox down to levels
that are flushed out through the kidneys and colon, if possible.

Emotional Sensitivities

In rare cases, a person can react to a perfectly pure therapeutic grade
essential oil as if it were an allergen or a toxin, but in reality the
response is neither an allergy nor a detox. It is something else.

Another kind of sensitivity to essential oils has to do with emotions. In
cases of extreme unresolved grief, which can be due to the loss of a loved
one or other circumstances, one can become sensitive to anything, even the
most harmless of things. In extreme cases, people can become universal
responders, reacting to almost everything in what appears to be an allergic
reaction. This malady is sometimes referred to as “Extreme Chemical
Sensitivity” (ECS) or “Environmental Illness” (EI).

In such cases, some people have been known to react in an allergy-like fashion
to even the purest of essential oils, such as those sold by Young Living. But
healing from such an illness does not come by treating it as an allergy,
because it is not an allergy in the classical sense. It is a spiritual-
emotional disease and must be dealt with at that level.

The spiritual and symbolic message in this sort of reaction is that the
individual is so depressed, unhappy, and unwilling to accept life as it has
been given to them that they are rejecting all of creation and, thus, react
negatively to everything. There is a scriptural reference to this in
Proverbs 17:22, “A broken spirit dries the bones.”

The basis of our immune system is in the marrow of the bones where the T-cells
and other white corpuscles are formed. Allergies and other environmental or
chemical sensitivities are due to malfunctions of the immune system at the
level of the white corpuscles (leucocytes). Hence, this Bible verse is
actually referring to a negative autoimmune response originating in the bones
caused by an individual’s rejection of the world around them stemming from
extreme grief or a broken spirit.

The solution to this spiritually rooted illness is to recognize the source of
the grief, accept it, and deal with it. When that is done, the sensitivities
disappear, usually within a few days and sometimes overnight. Applying
selected essential oils for emotional purposes can assist in revealing and
releasing the buried feelings that underlie such a malady.

Adulterated Oils

There is one other source of sensitivity that may be blamed on essential
oils and that has to do with perfume and food grade oils. True therapeutic
grade essential oils are grown organically, harvested in proper ways and
times, distilled gently at minimum temperatures and pressures, and
bottled without any ingredients removed or added. All of the essential oils
sold by Young Living are therapeutic grade oils. However, the vast majority
of aromatic oils sold in retail stores and other places are perfume or food
grade oils.

A true therapeutic grade essential oil contains hundreds of compounds,
all of which are necessary in a proper balance for them to possess healing
power. Since only a few of these compounds contribute significantly to aroma
and/or taste, when essential oils are used for fragrances or flavors, the
only compounds that matter to commercial users are the ones that have
smell or taste. In some cases, this involves only 2 or 3 compounds in an oil,
and the manufacturers and users don’t care if these compounds are natural or
synthetic so long as the smell and taste are there and the cost is cheap.

Hence, fragrance and food grade oils are always incomplete in their
composition, containing only part of the chemical profile of a complete
therapeutic grade oil. Furthermore, they are usually adulterated with
synthetic compounds or diluted with petrochemicals to increase their volume
and profitability.

One can have reactions to such oils, but these are not reactions to true
essential oils. Such reactions are due to the adulterants in the oil. They
are not caused by the natural essential oil components of the oil.

For More Information

So there you have it. As to what you should do in a given situation where
sensitivities are encountered, you will have to decide. If you want a more
detailed discussion on essential oils, reactions to them, and allergies, my
book, THE CHEMISTRY OF ESSENTIAL OILS MADE SIMPLE, has a lengthy discussion of the subject. It is available from Essential Science Publishing, Abundant Health, and other sources. Hope this helps.


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